National Partnerships

Align Your Organization With A Uniquely Compassionate Mission

It is a harsh reality that for a large number of patients, a breast cancer diagnosis can turn into a financial crisis. While many organizations fund the important research needed to eradicate breast cancer, Pink Aid is unique in its focus to help breast cancer patients currently in treatment that are in need of compassionate care and financial assistance.

Pink Aid is the only national organization that provides emergency financial assistance to breast cancer patients in dire need within just a few days, helping keep families afloat during this critical time. Our goal is for women to focus on their healing and cancer treatment, rather than financial consequences a breast cancer diagnosis may bring.

Pink Aid has been helping breast cancer patients for over 10 years, has a National reach and has earned both a Gold Rating by GuideStar™ and a Four Star rating from Charity Navigator. We work closely with our Partners to develop individualized, mutually beneficial relationships that align with an organization’s core values and business objectives.

Everyone has been touched by breast cancer. By supporting Pink Aid, your organization can make a significant impact on real families and make the world a more compassionate place.