In 2011, Pink Aid was founded by four individuals, all of whom are very active in the organization today. Each Founder was touched by breast cancer in a different way, but all saw a void in providing compassionate resources to vulnerable, financially insecure patients battling breast cancer. Other organizations exist to fund the important research needed to eradicate breast cancer, but Pink Aid is unique.

The very essence of its mission is to help underserved individuals get through treatment with compassion, dignity and their households intact, while also serving to empower survivors of every socioeconomic level to heal by helping and inspiring others.

PinkAid Founders
Founders: Andrew Mitchell-Namdar, Amy Katz, Amy Gross & Renée Mandis

They believed:

Outreach and education about the critical importance of breast health and screening should be available to all

Breast cancer screening, from basic mammograms through advanced diagnostic testing should be available to all

Wigs, breast cancer recovery garments and cold cap therapy should be available to all

Wellness programs and counseling to help patients endure treatment
should be available to all

The ability to pay for basic household essentials, including rent, utilities, food and transportation to treatment should be available to all

They wanted to help breast cancer patients preserve their dignity, feel supported by the community, and empower them to help and inspire and those who come after.

Breast cancer is debilitating. Physically. Emotionally. Financially. Pink Aid provides critical financial assistance and services to help families survive treatment with support and dignity.

Aliza’s cancer was diagnosed through a free mammogram funded by Pink Aid.
Joan Lunden discusses the power of ultrasounds in her Pink Aid keynote.
A guest is moved by the journey of a survivor at a Pink Aid Luncheon.
Pink Aid allowed Christina to take time off from work for treatment.
Liz walks the runway seven years cancer free!
A free wig and fitting courtesy of a grant to CancerCare.
The Pink Purse helped with Stacy’s mortgage bill during her difficult treatment.
Helped save Karen’s home from foreclosure.
Maria’s utilities were paid during treatment.
Free screenings by Hartford Hospital mammo van, funded by Pink Aid.
A grant to Dolan Center provided early detection.
Board Member Deb Katz & daughter walk the Celebration of Life Fashion Show runway.